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Marion Madoff

Bernie Madoff's 2004 Zermatt Ski Trip

Nina Mehta is a New York-based reporter who writes about trading, the markets, and market structure for her employer Traders Magazine. In her "spare" time she periodically posts to her personal blog called Mehtafiscal. On Thursday January 29th 2009 Nina wrote a long post entitled Loyalty on the Slopes: Madoff Goes Skiing in 2004. This well-written article focuses on a 2004 ski trip to Zermatt Switzerland during which Bernie Madoff (and his wife Ruth Madoff) and Peter Madoff (and his wife Marion Madoff) hosted approximately thirteen friends and/or business associates. Most of those present had ties to Bernie's fraudulent investment advisory business.

Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM") encourages readers interested in the Madoff fraud scandal to read Ms. Mehta's excellent work. In that piece the reader will learn more about Maurice ("Sonny") Cohn, Paul J. Konigsberg (and his wife Judy Konigsberg), Alvin J. Delaire Jr. (and his wife Carole Delaire), Marja Engler, her son Steven Engler and his wife Laura Engler as well as Elana Flax and her husband Dr. Herschel Flax of Great Neck, New York. As Ms. Mehta points out, it is unclear whether the final couple on that trip, Jean-Pierre Michaux and Patricia Michaux, had any ties to Bernie Madoff's investment business.