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Working with Jim

Back in January, I wrote a blog post about managing transitions and a new company called CenterNorth. They specialize on the human side of technology leadership and work with companies of all sizes.

Today, I found an article about Leadership Near the Summit. It speaks about an MIT grad climbing his way up to CTO and then facing a difficult annual review. I saw many aspects of myself in that article and at Toomre Capital Markets, we work with some of the brightest engineers out there. We see stories like this all the time.

I’d encourage you to read the article, and if you see characteristics of yourself or people that you’ve worked with in this article, please contact CenterNorth to assist them in their qualitative research into the “best practices for leaders of technical all-stars” You can respond in writing or they will talk to you one on one and will keep all data you provide completely confidential, even in the write up of the report.