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Some people visiting this site may wonder about the role of blogs in business. They are a fairly new phenomenon it there aren’t a lot of studies demonstrating a clear return on investment Nonetheless, they are starting to get a lot of attention. Last week, BusinessWeek wrote an article, Blogs Will Change Your Business. In their article, they note that an estimated 40,000 new blogs are started each day, and even if 99.9% of the blogs are off point, that still leaves 40 new blogs each day that could be affecting business.

Then, this weekend, the Sunday Greenwich Time had a front page article about blogging. Recently, I was speaking with some risk managers about the role of blogs, and to look at it from a risk perspective, allowing or even encouraging people to blog opens you up to reputational risk. It is hard to control the message of bloggers. However, by encouraging an open and honest blog, you can demonstrate transparency that is so important in business at the same time as getting your message out in a more authentic manner. To stay with a focus on risk, there is a much greater opportunity risk in not exploring new means of communicating, like blogging than the reputation risk you face by allowing people in your organization to speak freely.