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More on ENORMOUS Natural Gas Losses at Amaranth Advisors

Both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have must read articles with further information on the ENORMOUS losses suffered last week by the hedge fund group Amaranth Advisors due a sharp decline in natural gas prices. The WSJ article How Giant Bets on Natural Gas Sank Brash Hedge-Fund Trader contains significant information on Brian Hunter, the head of the energy commodities desk at Amaranth, and appears to have been in production since summer 2006 well before last week’s problems occurred. The NYT article A Hedge Fund’s Loss Rattles Nerves reveals that Goldman Sachs over the past weekend examined Amaranth’s books, presumably as one of Amaranth’s lead prime brokers. More ominously, the article states “Traders briefed on Amaranth’s problems, including one person who examined the fund’s books yesterday, said that the losses might be considerably larger than the firm [Amaranth] estimated.”