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Most Unique Daily Visitors Yet to Website – Thank you!

Today, March 9th 2006, has been the busiest day ever here at the Toomre Capital Markets website with slightly more than half of all unique visitors looking for information on some variation of Kirk S. Wright, International Management Associates, Kasandra Pantoja (Wright’s former wife), Nelson Keith Bond or Fritz N. Harper. This alleged hedge fund fraud has stirred up quite some curiosity and from the number of unique visitors one might well think that there are more than 500 investors in the IMA hedge funds.

The other top five inquiries of the day appear to be:
2. GLG Partners and/or Phillipe Jabre
3. Warren Buffet’s Annual Investor Letter
4. Jack Meyer and Convexity Capital Management
5. The 3 Ms of Risk Management – Monitor, Measure and Manage

One of Toomre Capital Markets LLC objectives in devoting such time to creating original content for this website is to build a community of people interested in Enterprise Risk Management topics. Hence, we strongly urge the reader to register and add comments to these postings.