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More on managing reputation risk

Steve Rubel over at MicroPersuasion points out that “Buzzmetrics today announced they have purchased Intelliseek and sold a majority stake in the new company to Nielsen, which is owned by VNU. The new company, called Nielsen Buzzmetrics, will be headquartered here in New York.”

Here at TCM, we spend a lot of time talking about Reputation Risk. I wrote a blog entry about this back in December. One of the key issues that I wrote about back then was the importance of measuring risk, as we talk about in Nick Barcia’s articleThe 3 Ms of Risk Management – Monitor, Measure and Manage.

I’ve played with Intelliseek in the past and have liked their tools. It will be interesting to see what sort of tools the combination of Buzzmetrics, Intelliseek and Neilsen can provide and what it will mean to people helping companies manage their reputation risk.