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Business Blogging in 2006

Sandy Kemsley has an enlightening post entitled Business Blogging in 2006 on her blog Column 2 which focuses business process management (BPM), enterprise architecture (EA), business intelligence, and technology in business. In highlighting how her blog has become her main marketing tool, Sandy references the Businessweek article from May 2005 entitled Blogs will Change Your Business, which Aldon mentioned at the time in this TCM post. As a one person business, Sandy explains that she is not a “professional blogger,” but sees blogging as an essential part of her business because of the global microbrand potential. She is a tiny brand that has the potential to provide her services anywhere in the world, and her blog is part of marketing to a few customers spread over a large geographic area and providing some niche services out in the long tail. Sandy includes links to The Content Factor's To Blog or Not to Blog and Mike McLaughlin on Guerrilla Marketing’s Should Consultants Blog? that also are well worth reading.

As stated on the front page of the TCM site, “Toomre Capital Markets is a premier Enterprise Risk Management (‘ERM’) advisor dedicated to improving Economic Value Added (‘EVA’). TCM utilizes its considerable expertise in: computational finance, structured products, financial engineering, business process improvement, risk consulting and advanced technology to help firms optimize returns with the three M's of risk management: measure, monitor and manage.” This is an extremely broad subject area and includes many complicated sub-topics. Since Toomre Capital Markets began regularly post blog entries in mid-year 2005, we have shared our thoughts on a number of these sub-topics of Enterprise Risk Management and attracted quite a varied readership from around the world. We thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments.

TCM’s challenge with Business Blogging for 2006 is to turn our readership’s strong interest into more TCM advisory engagements providing innovative solutions for an ever changing ERM market place. We welcome your comments and thoughts, especially as we embark on a redesign of this website and refining our marketing materials.