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New blogs to add to the mix

I currently track a couple hundred blogs on Bloglines and am always looking for interesting new reading material. Today, I’m adding two blogs to my list.

First, there is Lubetkin's Other Blog. Steve Lubetkin, “the managing partner of Lubetkin & Co., is a technology-savvy veteran of more than 25 years in corporate and financial communications.”

I actually stumbled across Steve in a blog entry, New York Times fooled by Net hoax? over on

Even more interesting for readers of this blog is Jason Ruspini’s blog, Risk Markets And Politics which I found out about from a posting on SmartMobs where Jason will also be writing. Jason doesn’t write on his Market Risks blog all that frequently, but when he does, it is long posts worth exploring.

While I’m talking about various blogs of interest, I want to also highlight Geoffrey Style’s Energy Outlook blog. Today he talks about if the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is really necessary, following on the Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday. I have my thoughts on this which I hope to add as a comment on his blog a little later.

I look forward to reading comments by other members of our Team about these two blogs.