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Legg Mason Value Trust Fund Out-performs S&P 500 for 15th consecutive year!!!

The Wall Street Journal in an article entitled “Miller's Legg Mason Fund Beats S&P 500 for 15th Year in a Row” written by Diya Gullapalli highlights how Bill Miller and his team at the Legg Mason Value Trust Fund yet again beat the S&P 500 index return. Congratulations Mr. Miller as it truly is a remarkable record! The next closest fund manager is Manu Daftary, the manager of the Quaker Strategic Growth Fund, who has “only” exceeded the S&P 500 return eight years in succession. As the January 2, 2006 WSJ article notes, Miller’s fund beat the S&P 500 by 0.59% with a return of 6.02% for the year, according to preliminary data from Lipper Inc.

What is even more remarkable about the out-performance feat this year is that the Legg Mason Value Trust Fund did not take big positions in the energy sector. Many other funds and investment accounts that were underweighted in the energy sector are rumored to have underperformed, in come cases very significantly. Toomre Capital Markets LLC commends Bill Miller and looks forward to the final performance numbers of other investment pools, especially those that pay incentive returns to their investment management professionals for beating common industry benchmarks. Mr. Miller has set a long-term consistent performance benchmark that many will do well to aspire to.