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Gartner: Compliance Spending to Account for 10-15 Percent of an Enterprise's 2006 IT Budget

As summarized in this article entitled Spending for Compliance and Corporate Governance to Account for 10-15 Percent of an Enterprise's 2006 IT Budget (CRM Today), increased corporate spending for compliance and corporate governance is having a significant impact on IT budgets, according to Gartner, Inc. According to preliminary results from Gartner's 2005 Financial Compliance Management Survey, IT financial compliance management spending will increase to between 10 percent and 15 percent of IT budgets in 2006, up from less than 5 percent in 2004.

This is a significant IT spending increase and bodes well for technologies that efficiently process streams of information in such areas as limits control, pre-trade compliance and operational risk applications. Toomre Capital Markets LLC consults with several risk management technological leaders that are worthy of further investigation in these areas, including QuIC Financial Technologies, Streambase Systems and CXO Systems. Please contact Lars Toomre or Aldon Hynes at Toomre Capital Markets LLC for further information.