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Blogs and Websites

As I think about what the TCM website should look like, I am following many online discussions. In a recent blog entry, B.L. Ochman writes about blogs replacing traditional static websites. She cites Union Square Ventures as a good example of this trend. Union Square Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm. At the top of their list of current investments is

They have a great looking website. Gartner group, has a more traditional website, but they too have a blog and podcasts.

B.L. writes about Union Square Ventures saying, “they said they thought about updating the thesis that was the heart of the site, but realized that since it is always evolving, the best thing to do is to "publish the conversation." And the best way to do that, they say, is with a blog.”

It seems as if this fits very well to Toomre Capital Markets. We continue to explore opportunities to bring our expertise in Enterprise Risk Management to people that need to it. Publishing our conversation helps us and our clients understand better how we can help.

Some people have commented that our site does not communicate effectively who we are or is hard to follow. Over the coming days we will be revamping our site. Thoughts on how to make it more useful and effective are appreciated. Please feel free to contact me directly at