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Gartner Group: Real-Time Enterprise Articles

The [gs:Gartner Group] has been doing some research on the [gs:Real-Time Enterprise] and what the event-oriented technology infrastructure model (or [gs:Service Oriented Architecture] “SOA”) might mean for business executives.

One article is entitled “Early Warnings in the Real-Time Enterprise: Mastering Business Prescience” by [gs:Mark Raskino]. This article suggests that the “early warning” capability in the real-time enterprise will change the focus and scope of strategic business information management. The article references a recent book by Gartner Research Fellow [gs:Ken McGee] entitled Heads Up: How to Anticipate Business Surprises and Seize Opportunities First (Harvard Business School Press, 2004; ISBN 1-59139-299-3). McGee reminds us that many traditional financial metrics have a tendency to reflect performance in the past, but that customer, internal business process, learning and growth metrics can sometimes be leading indicators. The article goes on to state: Technological progress means that the number of factors we can economically track in real time will mushroom, making it vital to focus on priorities, from the top down, linked to corporate strategy. The Gartner paper "How Real-Time Systems Can Help Firms Avoid Nasty Surprises" provides a checklist to help get started with [gs:Real-Time Enterprise] ("[gs:RTE]") efforts.