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More information on the new AMD CTO

The following story from IT Jungle describes the announcement this week that AMD's current CTO is being replaced by IBM veteran [gns:Phil Hester]. The text of the article reads as follows:

Chip maker [gns:Advanced Micro Devices] has completed a hat trick of hirings of former IBM chip and systems gurus as it has convinced [gs:Phil Hester], the CEO of Opteron server maker [gs:Newisys] and formerly the lead designer of Big Blue's RS/6000 Unix workstations and its chief technology officer for its former PC line, to become the chief technology officer at AMD. Hester's appointment as CTO at AMD comes as [gns:Fred Weber], the CTO who brought the X86-64 instruction set and the HyperTransport Direct Connect Architecture (DCA) from the drawing board to the market over the past six year, has decided to leave AMD to go put money and effort into technology startups. He was not more precise about his plans. Before founding Newisys several years ago as the first Opteron server vendor, Hester spent 23 years at IBM; his Newisys team eventually sold the company to electronics maker Sanmina-SCI in 2003, before any of the tier one server makers backed Opteron or agreed to resell the Newisys machines.

Hester's appointment as CTO at AMD follows fast on the heels of another former IBMer's appointment to a top development position. Only three weeks ago, [gns:Jeff Verhuel], a 25-year IBM veteran who had established IBM Microelectronics' engineering and technology outsourcing business, was tapped to be AMD's vice president of silicon design. Back in the late 1990s, when IBM was working on the "Regatta" pSeries Unix server platform and the Power4 chip, the first dual-core processor brought to market, VerHeul was vice president of server and workstation development at IBM's Server Group. VerHeul and Hester are apparently tag teaming to replace Weber. And that have some help from another IBM colleague. In April of this year, AMD had already hired away [gns:Rich Oehler], the creator of the Newisys "Horus" chipset for high-end Opteron machines scaling up to 32 processors, to work on future Opteron system designs. Oehler was the lead designer for IBM's Power family of chips for many years and was also one of the key designers of the "Summit" family of chipsets Big Blue created to make scalable, SMP-NUMA hybrid servers based on Intel's Xeon and Itanium processors.