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Thoughts stirred by October 19, 2005 edition of The Wall Street Journal

Here are some thoughts (with associated ‘TCM smart’ links) provoked while reading today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal:

  1. From the article entitled “Splogs Roil the Internet, the following information is worth investigating:
  2. From the article entitled “’Boy Wonder’ Swoops In” and others in the “Money & Investing” section, the following information is of note:
  3. Bawag P.S.K. made the loan to Refco CEO Phillip R. Bennett and is now under scrutiny for making the loan when Bennett needed $430mm quickly.
  4. GLG Partners, one of Europe’s largest hedge-fund operators, has lured Steve Roth from Deutsche Bank AG to run its convertible-bond arbitrage fund, known as the market-neutral fund with Philippe Jabre, the fund’s longtime manager. Mr. Roth is the first big hire since Emmanuel Roman, the former head of prime brokerage for Goldman Sachs in Europe, became co-chief executive along with Noam Gottesman. GLG Partners was involved in a possible sale to Lehman Brothers earlier this year.