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Third Annual Enterprise Risk Managment Symposium in Chicgo, IL - May 1st through May 3rd

A number of people have contacted Lars Toomre to ask his opinion on possibly attending the Third Annual Enterprise Risk Management Symposium that will be held in Chicago, IL from May 1st through May 3rd. As the former Enterprise Risk Management underwriter for the Munich/American Re group, Lars is intimately familiar with many aspects of the ERM approach, and recognizes both its promise and many pratfalls. He nonetheless strongly recommends that anyone truly interested in the field of risk management attend this conference, particularly those individuals with a quantitative background and/or interest.

The ERM Symposium is sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society, the Professional Risk Managers' International Association, and the Society of Actuaries.

The 2004 program was reportedly attended by more than 350 risk management professionals including chief risk officers, chief financial officers, chief actuaries, risk managers, investment professionals, ALM practitioners, and actuaries interested in risk management roles. What the Wall Street quanitative individual particularly will get out of this conference is the complexity of dealing with writing long-dated, highly illiquid, far out of the money options. The language is a bit different than the Wall Street quant is typically accustomed to, but the analystic methods are much the same between actuaries and Wall Street quants.

For more information or to register for the conference, visit or call (703) 276-3100.