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Welcome to the web home of Toomre Capital Markets LLC. This internet site contains significant intellectual content for those that professionally and intellectually embrace the concept of Economic Value Added ("EVA"), particularly regarding its application to the global financial services industry and the Capital Markets sector in particular. In today's swiftly evolving and rapidly transforming Capital Markets, TCM and its clients must constantly strive to transform raw data – a myriad of facts about people, securities, organizations, holdings, exposures, risks, prices, products, and finally their often complex and obtuse inter-relationships – into first information and then knowledge. In short, all of us active in the Capital markets must learn to drink from the proverbial “spewing fire hydrant of information flow” and then to transform that knowledge into VALUE -- well-executed action items that appropriately reward one for the associated risk exposure(s)! This is a continuous process for all because the moment we think we know something cold, the markets have that nasty and befuddling habit of teaching us just how much more we still have to learn.

Toomre Capital Markets LLC is a premier Capital Markets risk advisory firm specializing in the converging world of asset, liability and liquidity markets with a keen focus on derivatives, structured finance and financial engineering. TCM is keenly focused on providing high EVA solutions to their clients whether it be some combination of buying an asset, underwriting a risk or taking an exposure through the securities or other contractual means. The professional subjects covered here include a variety of leading-edge (and often times complex) Capital Markets topics regarding structured finance, derivatives, asset management, fianncial engineering, insurance and risk management (see TCM Capital Markets Subjects for a more complete list of topics covered on this site).