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Hedge Fund Executive Forum Series: Real-Time Decisions and Risk Reduction

As many readers of the Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM") blog may already be aware, the next Hedge Fund Executive Forum Series event entitled Real-Time Decisions & Risk Reduction: Technologies that Reduce Latency and Sharpen Business Intelligence to Drive Results will be held in New York City on Thursday November 29th 2007 and then repeated in Stamford, CT on Tuesday December 4th. Lars Toomre will be one of the speakers at this event. Both Aldon Hynes and Lars Toomre hope that you will be able to join the Incremax and Toomre Capital Markets team at either of these venues.

These Hedge Fund Executive Forum Series events are designed to help key investment decision makers quickly get beyond buzz words and learn which strategic technologies and solutions will help drive the best results from every aspect of their organization -- the front, middle and back-offices as well as client service functions. Designed for investment managers with more than $500 million in assets under management ("AUM"), the focus of this particular event will be on data, input/output ("I/O") and how "push vs. pull" can be implemented.

The key challenge this forum event will address is how to create better real-time decision opportunities that result from first transforming fast-moving data into information and then into knowledge that ultimately adds to economic value. Some of the key solutions and technologies from Advent Software, AMD, Cisco, Microsoft, Reuters and Streambase Systems will be highlighted for further discussion.

Please circle the appropriate date on your calendar and plan on attending. Advanced registration is required and can be completed at this web link. Aldon Hynes and Lars Toomre look forward to speaking with you directly on the 29th or 4th. Hopefully, we will see you then. Please feel free to contact TCM directly if you have any questions or comments.