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Change Format of Recent Blog Posts???

Several readers of the Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM") Insights section have asked that Lars Toomre modify the format of his recent Observations postings. Rather than combine several thoughts from the day into one long post, they asked that they be broken down into individual postings by subject matter. A couple of these readers have commented that they would prefer to see a separate title and then the content about that topic (even if it is just a short phrase and/or a hyperlink). Apparently, such post formats are easier to read via RSS feeds. Would other readers prefer to have many more and shorter Observations types of posts? Please add your comments below or contact Lars as you have been doing.

Lars also intends to return to his past practice of writing longer thought pieces as time permits. However, recent professional obligations have limited his time to devote to doing the background work that such detailed write-ups require. Hopefully, there will be more quiet time for writing in the coming days. Please let Lars know what your preferred format of what these blog posts should be like. Thanks.