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About Lars Toomre

Lars Toomre (resume) is a Managing Director at Toomre Capital Markets. Lars has more than two decades of experience assessing, modeling, analyzing, pricing, underwriting, transacting in and managing risk. His specific areas of expertise are in mortgage and asset-backed securities, financial engineering, risk securitization and other highly complex structured finance transactions. Lars has engineered and underwritten billions of dollars worth of transactions and launched many significant structured finance innovations. A leader in financial innovation, Lars priced the first residual class, the first floating-rate CMO class, the first inverse-floating rate CMO class, the first federal asset-backed security and the first public sale of a subordinated class from an ABS securitization, all precursors to what is generically referred to as “toxic waste” component of special purpose entities (SPE’s). This illiquid and volatile area of capital markets is critically important for the successful origination and placement of the more popular senior classes.

Lars is a recognized leader in structured finance. He has held a number of significant positions in the financial services industry, both on the sell and buy side. He lead the CMO/ABS New Issue and Secondary Trading at Lehman Brothers for most of the 1980’s, the mortgage department at Smith Barney and co-founded the combined mortgage and derivative businesses at UBS primarily to serve large and sophisticated institutions. At MetLife Investment Management, he was responsible for long-duration products, investment product development, fixed-income research and the firm’s risk management/compliance function. At Munich Re he focused on exotic derivatives and on the convergence of the insurance and liquidity markets in an area commonly called Enterprise Risk Management. He also has significant experience with hedge funds, credit derivatives, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), weather condition swap contracts, power outage derivatives, insurance risk-linked securities and multiple types of guaranteed investment vehicles.

Lars holds a BSME in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a dedicated trekker, a passion that he shares with his daughter Kyra.

Lars may be reached at (203) 321-9039 or through electronic mail at Lars (at)