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AOL and Yahoo Target Spammers with Paid E-mail Services

AOL and Yahoo are about to start charging legitimate businesses up to a cent per e-mail message with new services that are designed to stop spammers, according to the E-mail Charging Plan to Beat Spam article published by the BBC News. For those organizations that sign up for these services, their messages will not go through spam filters, are guaranteed to arrive and will bear a stamp of authenticity. Despite the low fees, the services are likely to generate huge amounts of money for AOL and Yahoo. In return for the fee, AOL and Yahoo will not send the messages through spam traps and filters that typically strip out all images and weblinks in an e-mail message. This means that advertisers, political campaigns and other organizations are likely to have higher effectiveness from their targeted e-mail campaigns while spammers are unlikely to pay such fees and will continue to be blocked by the filtering software.