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Allan Bufferd, Chief Investment Officer of M.I.T., to retire

Allan Bufferd has been synonymous with investment management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for more than 30 years. Starting in 1975, the current MIT Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer grew the M.I.T. endowment from $400 million to more than $8 billion today. As Institutional Investor reports, over the past decade, the M.I.T. portfolio has delivered an annualized 15.5 percent return, rivaling Harvard’s 16.1 percent and Yale’s 17.4 percent. Along the way, he broadened the investment portfolio, developed a professional investment staff and formed an independent investment management company for M.I.T. Recently, this father of a childhood classmate announced his intent to retire from M.I.T. by June 2006. His job will be split into two new positions and Mr. Bufferd will be greatly missed. As an M.I.T. alumnus, let me say "Thank you for all that you have done Mr. Allan Bufferd!"