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About Aldon Hynes

Aldon Hynes is Director of Technology at Toomre Capital Markets. Aldon has over 20 years technology experience in many areas of capital markets in both equity and fixed income trading, mortgage and asset-backed securities, risk management, statistical and risk arbitrage trading strategies, hedge funds and currency and commodity trading strategies. His current focus is on investment management technology issues, cash flow modeling, individual security, sub-sector and portfolio characterization, valuation and support of risk management, trading, accounting and litigation.

Aldon is a recognized IT consultant noted for his creative solutions. He has held key positions in the Capital Market areas of investment banks, and hedge funds. He has significant corporate experience, having consulted to numerous Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Bell Labs, IBM and Exxon. corporations. Currently, he is involved in an advisory engagement with Ellington Partners, a pre-eminent mortgage security hedge fund. He served as CTO for the CoVision Capital Group, a registered CTA providing institutional investors secure and cost-effective access to hedge fund investments. At CoVision he designed the firm’s proprietary trading and trade processing technology architecture. He also served as Director of Technology for S.A.C. Capital Advisors, holding primary responsibility for all aspects of the firm’s information technology. At UBS, he was responsible for developing technology for desktop trading systems, servers and Internet applications for all North American business units. At Lehman Brothers he developed the structuring system for CMO’s and at Smith Barney he headed the Mortgage Technology group.

Aldon has published several articles on trading technology/research and the Internet. He studied Philosophy at the College of Wooster.