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The Billion Dollar Club - Largest U.S. Hedge Funds

The publication Absolute Return accumulates significant information on the alternative investment industry. Their March 2007 issue included an article entitled Billion Dollar Club which lists those hedge fund groups that they believe exceed more than one billion dollars under management.

That article includes a list of the largest United States hedge funds. If you look at the top 50 hedge funds, you will notice that none of them has less than $7 billion assets under management. Check the article out. The list includes: JPMorgan Asset, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Bridgewater Associates, D.E. Shaw and many others. There are more than 200 names in total.

[Note: The publisher of Absolute Return has asked that TCM exclude the list of what they beleive to be the top 50 U.S. funds from this posting.]

There also are several other sources of hedge fund information available are well worth checking out. These include and Institutional Investor magazine, and they too have lists of the largest hedge funds.