Toomre Capital Markets LLC

Real-Time Capital Markets -- Analytics, Visualization, Event Processing, and Intelligence

White Paper: "Market Risk and Algorithmic Trading"

Toomre Capital Markets LLC ("TCM") provides advisory services to firms either engaged in or providing technology to the financial services industry. Our specialties include applying emerging technology and innovative ideas to the broad field of Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM"). We assist these clients with implementing and marketing innovative solutions to the problems and opportunities that today's financial services firms and their customers confront.

As part of our services, TCM consults closely with Advanced Micro Devices, providing subject matter expertise on the capital markets, structured finance and risk management. Another example of our work is a recently released white paper entitled "Market Risk and Algorithmic Trading" that TCM wrote on behalf of AMD. We encourage the reader to review this white paper and to contact AMD or TCM to discuss thoughts and possible applications or consulting engagements.