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SIFMA European Fixed-Income eTrading Conference

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association ("SIFMA") is holding their second annual Fixed-Income e-Trading Conference in London on February 6th and 7th 2007. Larry Tabb, CEO of The TABB Group, will be giving the keynote address on "the US: Market Structure, Algorithms, Regulation & the Future in Global eTrading".

The first session, The SIFMA e-Trading Survey: Trends as Told to Us, then will cover "the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's 2nd annual comprehensive survey on the European e-trading industry which has the backing of all the trading platforms, major sell-side players, and key buy-side accounts as well as comments from senior industry representatives. It will reveal the e-trading trends. How much is really traded electronically? And what will be the next big e-trading products? IRS? CDS? Senior representatives from trading platforms will discuss the "trends as told to us" in a panel format and quite possibly disagree with them!" The participants in this panel are scheduled to be:

Introduction: James George, Director, Concise Consultants

Moderator: James Rutter, Managing Editor of Business Publishing, Financial News

Mark Austen, Executive Director, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)
Martin Haines, Global Head of Sales, Reuters Trading for Fixed Income
Gavin Miller, Head of Dealer Liquidity EMEA, Bloomberg
Kelley Millet, President, MarketAxess
Lee Olesky, President, Thomson TradeWeb
Fabrizio Testa, Executive Director, Co-Head Client Distribution, EuroMTS

With the coming structural changes coming in the European Union financial markets due to MiFID, the use of electronic trading in the fixed-income markets is expected to increase, some say substantially, in order to meet MiFID's 'best execution requirements. It will be most interesting to learn what was discussed by this distinguished panel.

Perhaps the days of algorithmic trading in the more liquid sectors of the fixed-income markets truly are not that far away? Please contact Toomre Capital Markets for more information if the reader is interested in fixed-income electronic or algorithmic trading. Reader comments and thoughts are welcome.