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2007 Investment Symposium Announced

As this TCM post noted, the 5th annual 2007 Enterprise Risk Management Symposium will be held on March 28th through March 30th 2007 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown. This is probably the premier conference on the broad subject of Enterprise Risk Management and highly, highly recommended for all interested in the field of financial risk management.

Now two of the sponsors of the ERM Symposium, the Society of Actuaries ("SOA") and Professional Risk Managers' International Association ("PRMIA"), are teaming up for a new conference focused specifically on investment risk. The new Investment Symposium will be held on April 18th through April 20th at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. Lars Toomre had the privilege of speaking at 2005 ERM symposium on the subject of ERM in Asset Management and hopes this new conference will be even more useful to all interested clients, investment professionals and individuals.

The brochure states "With increasingly complex products and risk exposures, investment professionals no longer make investment decisions in isolation. Product designers, risk managers and those responsible for evaluating the company's financial condition are also stakeholders. The 2007 Investment Symposium program features three tracks: asset classes, financing and investment risk management and investment strategy. During the course of two days, we are showcasing some of the industry's top investment and insurance professionals as presenters. In addition, we have designed the program to offer several networking opportunities and we've worked with the CFA Institute to ensure that participants will earn continuing education credits recognized by the CFA Institute.

If you are a portfolio or risk manager, investment officer, analyst, quant, investment or corporate actuary or someone who needs detailed knowledge of how investment decisions impact a company's financial position, this symposium will help you gain insights you need to know to move your career goals -- and your company -- forward in the evolving world of investing."

Speakers at this year's the Investment Symposium are scheduled to include:

  • Kent Clark, Goldman Sachs
  • Dr. David Hsieh, Duke University
  • David Ingram, Standard & Poor's
  • Martin Klein, Lehman Brothers
  • Robin Lenna, Met Life
  • Erwin Martens, Chief Risk Officer, TIAA-CREF
  • Peter Polanskyj, Morgan Stanley
  • Gunnar Pritsch, McKinsey & Co.
  • Dr. Kenneth Rosen, Rosen Consulting Group
  • Jeffrey Rosenberg, Bank of America Securities