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Trader Monthly: 30 Top Traders under 30 Years of Age

At one point early in his career, Lars Toomre was considered a top Wall Street trader while leading the Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (“CMO”) business at Lehman Brothers in New York. However, Lars unlikely would have qualified as a member of one of the top 30 traders under 30 years of age. Had such a list existed back in the 1980’s, it would be interesting today to discover how the careers of such individuals progressed in the years since. For instance, how many still would be actively involved in the sales and trading business? And if not, where would their interests have led them today?

The Trader Monthly magazine is scheduled shortly to release their second annual compilation of the top 30 such traders for 2006. Hearty congratulations to each of these top traders listed below in alphabetical order:

  1. Chandler Bocklage, SAC Capital Advisors, Stamford, CT
  2. John DePalma, Bank of America, New York
  3. Lee Frankenfield, Deutsche Bank, New York
  4. David Garonzik, Goldman Sachs, New York
  5. Gualtiero Giori, Sagio Investments, Geneva
  6. James Groth, independent, Chicago
  7. Adam Grunfeld, Comac Capital, London
  8. Gabriel Hammond, Alerian Capital Management, New York
  9. Rebecca Hogan, Morgan Stanley, New York
  10. Lawrie Inman, Marex Financial, London
  11. Simon Jones, Citigroup, New York
  12. Chris Lanigan, Ziff Brothers Investments, New York
  13. Cliff Larson III, The Cliff Larson Co., Minneapolis
  14. Austin Lewis, Lewis Asset Management, New York
  15. Daniel Lirtzman, NYMEX, New York
  16. Giles Macey, Mako Group, London
  17. Kelvin Milgate, ABN AMRO, London
  18. Adam Nadler, Sperling Enterprises, Boca Raton, FL
  19. Marc Pasuco, XTF Market Making, New York
  20. Darren Petterson, TransMarket Group, Chicago
  21. Jennifer Pomerantz, Sandell Asset Management, New York
  22. Paul Redmond, Elite Derivatives, London
  23. Scott Shleifer, Tiger Global Management, New York
  24. Josh Slavitt, BNP Paribas, New York
  25. Paul Sohn, Kingdon Capital Management, New York
  26. Timothy Sykes, Cilantro Fund Partners, New York
  27. Andrew Warford, Maverick Capital, New York
  28. David Wertentheil, Carlin Financial, New York
  29. Travis Williamson, DCF Capital, Greenwich, CT
  30. Benjamin Zorrilla, HLV Capital, New York